What did you do over the last 3 months? Just wondering. This semester felt different to last; kinda good, kinda not. It showed me time can pass quickly and yet crawl so slowly at the same damn time. But what about you? It’s all me, me, me around here :p Maybe you found a spot […]


Do you ever feel like your smile is bigger than your face? I definitely did come the end of exams this week! I was even smiling as I was circling/guessing multiple choice questions when the ’15 minutes left to go’ announcement was made. I probably should have been stressing that I didn’t know any of […]


In a city spoilt by a healthy population by restaurants, it’s not often that I get to return to the places I love. We seem to be in a constant rush to get to the newest barely-open-line-out-the-door restaurants, and I often wonder what happens to the places that used to be in the headlines. So […]

Breakfast is complete!

Currently my brain is 3/4 focused on getting over these damn exams and 1/4 spending energy planning for South America. Lots of googling is involved, especially to prep for the hikes we are doing in Peru and Patagonia :D Apparently to train for the the trek up to Machu Picchu apart from stepping up your […]

Hanging lights, fake grass and woollen rugs

I had to stop myself from going to Savers the other day because I’m too poor. This is the sad life of a student in savings-mode. The aim is to have enough cash so I don’t need to resort to eating grass and riding llama’s instead of buses while in South America (3 weeks to […]

Happy Chai  Birthday!

It’s learn 12-weeks-of-stuff-in-12-hours season, when a seat at the library is hotter than hotcakes at a McDonalds breaky. How exciting. It’s time to prioritise learning over Modern Family but thats much easier typed (while watching Phil Dunphy) than done. The thing is, priorities are subjective, and mine are often skewed from the majority. I wouldn’t […]

Muffin anyone?

Here’s just a quick eating out post in between assessment this week! It was another pretend-to-study afternoon off when I decided to catch you with Mr Thirtyshoes (named appropriately, I swear my collection ain’t that big). Miss TPrincess decided to join us because we were going to The Green Refractory, the producer of excellent muffins […]


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