Not drinking soup@Moroccan Soup Bar

Moroccan Soup Bar! Finally I journeyed far enough up St George’s to get here… ashamedly I’ve been meaning to for a couple of years now. It was a chilly night and I was looking forward to slurping some soup (potentially Morrocon style) with K and T. We were attempting the no-bookings scheme on a potentially Scary-Wait-Time Friday night….they take bookings for 6 or more people, but luckily we were early enough to nab a seat (well, at 5:55pm there were a few groups ready to storm the place). The restaurant is nestled in a cute strip near a local grocer, record store and antique shop, all of which provide shelter to people waiting for a seat at Soup Bar. There is apparently a verbal menu, but we never heard it as our stomach’s were set on the banquet ($25), with a $20 version available; the same minus a few of the spicy starters.

We started off with a mint tea, which I really enjoyed. I haven’t had a hot version before, and it was refreshing yet warmed you down to your toes. I don’t usually like mint-y shiz but this was excellent.

After sitting for a few minutes being delighted with our tea, *BAM* our table was filled with lots of different starters. One plate with olives, hommus, eggplant dip and pickled vegetables; balls of a cream cheese with pita chips; small falafel’s fried to a crisp; a spicy dip (wasn’t too sure what to pair that with) and pita bread to tie it all together. Sure I would’ve loved maybe a warm Turkish bread but hey, it did the job and you could nearly see the love emanating from the dishes. It was a communal, double-dipping sort of meal, so it’s advised you bring people you don’t mind double-dipping with.

Mains? Bring it on. Pretty filled already from the starters, we were surprised by the 3 generous servings put in front of us. In ascending order of delicious-ness rating, stewed vegetables with cous cous, fragrant yellow rice with dahl, yoghurt and almonds and a warming Chickpea bake. Big smiles all round for the chickpeas, the tender morsels going down nicely with the crunch of pita chips within the bake, in a yoghurty type concoction on top. The toasted almonds also served on top provided a welcome crunch and texture.  At this point as I was picking at the chickpeas, I was regretting having that pita bread at the start. Learn from my mistakes!

Banquet implies dessert so we weren’t so surprised with the doughnuts served (with Turkish delight surprise inside!) and the baklava. The doughnuts were okaaaay but not comparable to the Maha beauties, though I did enjoy the baklava, especially with the strong, sweet Turkish coffee. I especially appreciated this coffee at about 3am that morning when I was out and still wide awake.

I had been wanting to go the Soup Bar for so long, and I’m glad to report it lived up to expectations. Bring non-vegetarian-hating, hungry friends. Animal friendly T blamed being so full on actually being able to eat everything at the table. On a side note, I am ashamed to say we argued where Morocco actually is on the world map… But this Soup Bar, despite not trying their soup, is saying all good things about the place.

Moroccan Soup Bar

183 St Georges Rd


Ph: 9482 4240

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go here! For a $25 banquet, I think I might have to now :)

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