Cutler & Co

These photos make me a very happy camper. Earlier this year, I was incredibly lucky to be thrown a birthday dinner at Cutler and Co, thanks to some in-sync mind reading by L. Having been to Cumulus together before, we were uber excited, and were joined by T so we got to check out the vegie options, and by K cos well… he had to come. So check out these photos! I don’t want to spoil them by fluffing around with my words that won’t describe how happy I was by the end of our 6 course degustation. The cadence of the meal was perfect, and service was slick and professional yet friendly. It’s a long space, dominated by natural finishes and fiery tutu’s that doubled as lighting.

We pretended to peruse the menu, but it was really the degustation that we were here for; $150 for 8 courses- but since it was my birthday we’ll pretend I don’t know that.

An appetiser to start? They kinda look like prawn crackers… they are actually 100x better. 

An assortment of goodies was presented to us to begin. I thought this was a good way to start a cracking meal, as at times degustations can feel slow if your very hungry. Foie gras cigar anyone? The crisp outer wafer was a delicious contrast to the rich inner, with a jelly at the top cutting through the heaviness. Only K was disappointed because he thought it was a real cigar. Ha. These are way cooler. 

Pea and sorrel soup. That is some delicious chlorophyll.

Abalone, Hervey Bay scallops, hand picked spanner crab, oyster broth.

Duck two ways; smoked and fried with morcilla, raisins and beetroot.

I love veggies! Hay baked carrots, goats cheese, rocket and toasted grains and ash.

The Ultimate slow braised beef brisket. Tender rump. Shallots, the softest potato you can imagine.

A celery sorbet, palate cleanser to signify the end of the larger dishes. Having been on a frozen yoghurt phase, this blew my mind!

Whilst I am not the biggest lover of cheese, T ‘s joy when this was served was priceless. The need for the rocket was debated; discuss between the angel and demon on your own shoulders.

The joy! Honeycomb sponge, looked like maybe a piece of coral you’d find on the beach but was a fluffy delight with airy pockets full of flavour. Chocolate ganache, white chocolate soil, rasberry sorbet and dehydrated raspberry. It was a dessert in which I wanted to divulge in each component, but together the elements played off each other so well.

-Sigh. Saaaaah good. On a street with an abundance of food options, this is the brightest star on the strip. Although there is always new competition! Last week after polishing off a Huxtaburger (hey, I’m versatile), I really enjoyed dessert at Mr. Andrew McConnell’s newest establishment, The Builder’s Arms. So of course to do it justice, I’ll have to return for the savouries. You can really just start at one end, and eat your way up this street… and then be incredibly full and roll your way back down :D

Cutler & Co
55-57 Gertrude St

Cutler & Co on Urbanspoon

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  1. WOW!! Sounds like an incredible birthday dinner. Lucky you!

    1. Thanks, it was! Incredibly delicious :p

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