Faking French (us, not them) @ Depot de Pain, Rathdowne St

This semester at uni is cruising along like a hoon down the Hume Highway, with only 2 weeks left until swotvac (aka death study week)! While I’m still at uni the usual 5 days, I’m lucky enough to have quite a few half days. This means more time for studying in the library or telling yourself to study; before happily skipping off to an extended lunch somewhere or rather.

I’ve passed Depot de Pain (Bread Depot, how cute) many times driving up Rathdowne Street in North Carlton, and have even ducked in for a quick croissant, which was absolutely divine. So when Ms Twizzle and I were lost for lunch options, it seemed like a good opportunity to test more than what they’re famous for.

Whilst from the front it looks like a small shopfront, further in there is a small dining room, back communal table and cute courtyard too! Because I like teapots and tea, I decided on the Ginger and Peach tea, whilst Twizzle had the Lemongrass Rosehip (read: fruit of the rose plant). Both Ginger and Lemongrass can be overpowering at times, so we were both really happy with the subtley of brew by Teabush!

There are quite a few tempting options on the menu, mostly lunch-y types with baguettes, croque monsieur, pies and pastries, crepes… ahh too much choice!


Twizzle snapped up the good looking choice of Champignons; Sauteed forest mushrooms on brioche, with herbs and truffle oil (13). It was a divine combination with a generous amount of butter bringing out the full aroma of the mushrooms. This is mushies on toast on full flavoured steroids :D

I was sorely tempted by the Roast Pulled Pork shoulder and Apple Slaw Warm Roll (14), but decided to save it for next time. The balmy weather and my fondness for beetroot despite it’s absence in my household (Mum never figured out how to ‘cook’ it), means I opted for the Chevre salad with beets, walnuts and figs (16). The salad was the perfect size and came with bread and good butter (of course) to slather on if your feeling a little more hungry. You can’t go wrong with walnuts, beets and chèvre with the addition of the figs for another sweet element to the salad.

Service was so attentive and friendly, especially when we were sitting out the back where you can often be forgotten. Our French waitress was lovely, and meant for at least an hour or two, we faked siting in France; playing pretend  with our pots of tea and light lunches, leaving with baguettes tucked under our arms and getting on our cute bikes to ride on past the Eiffel tower… and then real life interrupted. Oh bother.

Depot de Pain
693 Rathdowne St
Carlton North
Depot de Pain Rathdowne on Urbanspoon

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