Muffin tops @ The Green Refractory

Here’s just a quick eating out post in between assessment this week!

It was another pretend-to-study afternoon off when I decided to catch you with Mr Thirtyshoes (named appropriately, I swear my collection ain’t that big). Miss TPrincess decided to join us because we were going to The Green Refractory, the producer of excellent muffins that should make most other muffin-makers hang their head in shame.

If your coming from the city, its a 15-20 minute ride on the 19 tram towards Coburg. You’ll find a cute narrow shopfront, with a huge display of home-baked goods spilling out from a glass cabinet. If you manage to take your eyes off the cakes, muffins etc. you’ll notice there are a few tables which lead through to another room at the back with a few tables outside too. The cafe has a hectic vibe with mothers, students and general cafe-goers with minimal staff to fix up everyone with caffeine. Be warned you may need to swoop onto an uncleared table and poke around for water glasses.

We decided to opt for the Mince and Rosemary pie and the Beef and Mushroom, with Mr Thirtyshoes and I going halvies. The pies came out very quickly with delicious filling and flaky pastry. Also for a bit of colour on the side, we had a lentil salad; a wholesome 85% lentils and 15% spinach leaves.

Miss TPrincess decided on the vegetarian lasagne, which was a tad on the squishy side. It’s was more of a quantity>quality thing on our visit!

Because sitting in the sun for a couple of hours takes up a lot of energy, we decided to share a dessert. It was also kinda hard to pass that cabinet on the way out knowing we hadn’t tried anything. The vanilla slice with passionfruit icing on top was sliced, but sadly it wasn’t made that day so it was a tad droopy. I’d definitely recommend choosing the things on display that look minty-fresh!

Anyway, the main reason for coming to this place is that the muffins are divine! I took away a beauty with a crispy exterior, studded with a generous mix of pear, chocolate chip and raspberry. There’s also muffins with bananas, walnuts, apple and macadamias in the mix, sitting pretty in the window. Theres nothing like sitting on the grass, appreciating a good damn muffin and flipping through notes (pretending to study).

Anyway, so if your in the area swing by The Green Refractory for some student priced cafe stuff. The quality of these muffins will make you wow and you’ll even have spare change from a fiver.

Ps: Please don’t judge me and my pink keyboard, Ebay didn’t tell me it was so bright!

The Green Refractory
115 Sydney Road

Green Refectory on Urbanspoon

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