Breakfast in the (real) North @ Lady Bower Kitchen, Reservoir

I had to stop myself from going to Savers the other day because I’m too poor. This is the sad life of a student in savings-mode. The aim is to have enough cash so I don’t need to resort to eating grass and riding llama’s instead of buses while in South America (3 weeks to go!). Admittedly, I’m also a little scared that a quick pop by to the Recycle Superstore will turn into a whole afternoon buying everything and anything at the Recycle Superstore. I end up with lots of second hand clothes in my closet; 50% are worn and 50% are classified as a highly questionable purchase and forgotten about. Okay maybe more like 30:70

Whilst Savers is a no-go zone, a girl’s gotta eat right? As such, I was able to sneak out for a quick pre-studyday breakfast at Lady Bower Kitchen in Reservoir. That’s right you didn’t read wrongly, Reservoir, what I like to envision as the new Fitzroy/Brunswick/Preston. Yay for new cafe’s being pushed further north! Yes, for those who do not have the pleasure of frequenting the north of Melbourne, let me introduce you to Reservoir. This is really northern suburbia baby, none of this inner city living! Attractions include a really, really bad 5 direction, train, car, crazy-pedestrian intersection and umm.. well, Lady Bower Kitchen!

The cafe is a bright windowed double shopfront just off Broadway, with too-cute decor and smiling staff. There are knits to cosy up with offered on the chairs and the branches near our table are draped in bright yarn. It’s a cosy and welcoming fitout with even a large communal table appearing to be pinched from someone’s living room.

I started off with the home brewed Chai Tea, dressed up in cute china with a lovely aroma. I was super excited about this, because homemade Chai can be hard to find, even at nicer cafes! The tea hit all the right cinnamon, cardamon and stair anise notes, with milk on the side. H reported the coffee was a strong brew, a silky wake up call for a Sunday.

Breakfast wise there was quite a few interesting choices with sandwiches, soup and stuff for the kids on offer too! Below is the the Cured salmon, peas, mint and homemade labne with poached eggs (16); J deemed it good enough that there were to be no swapping, even with other half, A!

For those feeling particularly carnivorous (or hung over), head straight to the Breakfast of Champions; bacon, poached eggs, meatballs, chorizo beans, rosemary mushrooms and toast (18). You should note for those who are fussy about bread, this toast isn’t as dense as I’d like it to be. But is at least grainy (for the benefit of your daily fibre intake)!

I had the Smoked trout, lentils, cottage cheese, lots o’ leaves, thyme and mustard with poached eggs (16). I found this to be a very interesting salad breakfast mixed bag, with the slightly bitter leaves and the surprise inclusion of beetroot. The mustard and lentils hung around the bottom of the bowl, with the eggs reminiscent of a caesar salad. I was a little confused by the flavours of the mustard and lentils together, but intrigued at the same time! If you’re sick of eating the same-old breakfast and want something a little different, this might be just up your alley.

Lady Bower also host a private tea party on the last Sunday of the month which sound divine! Otherwise, the menu changes frequently with the seasons. I’m looking forward to I’ll rolling out of bed on a day off, and rolling into this cafe. I am also completely happy with not having to elbow hipsters for a table at 11am on a Sunday :D

Lady Bower
1A Marchant Avenue

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